Thursday, December 4, 2008

.we be dangerous and infiltratious..thats not a word...yet.

Ok, no pic today but here is a link to a movie that I am suprisingly really excited about;

Sure Rourke has been crazy to look at for awhile but I love a story that reflects the actor.
Talk about the most realistic portrail you will see of this character..Mickey!!!!! Other then that, I can't tell yo much but what I will say is that Sarah and I rock and we live in a nearly impenaterable castle. Ya, I know I spell things wrong...Its a blog not the history channel.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

.C-C-C-C-CATCH UP Continuim.

Yep, that slug just naturally crawled onto sarah's pumpkin and posed. Suddenly even its creator saw it in a different light. The pumpkin, not the slug. Yes sir, if there is a god, maybe that kinda thing happens day to day. Thats right I am talking about abusive relationships......ok I am not but that metaphore could be pretty good right?? For like an AA meeting or something. ANywho, if you are in one and they use it let me know. I could use some royalties. Here is a quick recap since the holladay break: ate food-was good, watched 'The Happening(expected worse)'-got even worse then thought. Spent time wondering if I should write a review, something with the title like 'The crappening' or 'The Hippying' couldn't decide on a title and gave up.. went to thurston and decorated parents house for x-mass with Sarah and Dave-good times, ate saturday with weston at Paleys place-everything was delicious-then drinks at clyde common. To end the weekend sarah and I went to Nostrana-again everything was delicious esp. the spicy oven roasted crab and the proscuito wrapped trout. Other then that, all is well and next friday I thing we are going 80s dancing for better or for worse. Oh also, DEC. 20th 'Venetian Snares', 'Otto Von Schirach', and 'Naha' at the FEZ. Be there for awesomeness.

P.s. The new Hulk movie blows and so does the film 'shooter'. Au revoir.