Sunday, September 28, 2008

.oh dear lord, NOOO!!!.

I was simply wondering what happened to Smoky the bear....and this popped up..
So very many things to say about this very many...................................

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

.looking never on.

It is a tad odd that I am wearing the very shoes I wore three years ago when I was lucky enough to marry the amazingly smart and beautiful woman you see with me in this picture. Do these shoes fit any different these days from wear and tear? Doesn't matter, as long as they stand in the same place, by her side. I could go on in a foolish attempt to explain all of the things that I love and or appreciate about her but I would miss things I am sure. As each day has its own little glimmers and shines that I'd swear I had never seen before. So I won't attempt to encapsulate her.....I will though, say this, she has the biggest heart and the most effective ears that together have an output of selfless caring that rivals even those in religious books and myths. She is and has been since I met her the very best of friend, the very best kind of friend, the unflinching unjudging unsimplifying friend, that if I have the pleasure of making her smile till the end of my days....well, I couldn't die happier. What brings this on? This outpour of emotions?? Maybe its the cell phone, see usually I can just text her and say hi, or what it is we text to eachother but without a phone I can only wait for her to come home.......wait wait wait...
OK that last thing I will say is that I am very proud of her and all of the fine work she does. xo

Monday, September 22, 2008

.who's the captain of these here waters?.

This morning I awoke groggy and familiar...There is something oddly befitting about the return of the cold and dawn's growing delay. It will no doubt be soon that I will arrive to work and leave from work within darkness. Today, my friends, is the fall equinox. Now you might say 'so what? why would you care?' To which my reply would be, 'I don't but dirk did some 15 years ago.' So this morning when I got up I felt a tad under the weather and closer, in the cold, to that 15 year old than the 30 something I have been as of late. So as I sat on mass transit I thought, 'how much do we really grow up?' Deep, I know....Oooooooooooh heavy bro. And if you know me you are most likely waiting for the joke that undercuts the meaning.....but seriously I think there is wear or damage that happens during our development that perhaps hangs around shaping perceptions etc...Like where you are as you form your ideas of who you are and what is around you and how you fit the large picture..not just teenage angst or not being popular... I don't know, I mean I am not dr. phlow or bill or what have you...ah nevermind I have lost interest in this topic. Wanna hear a joke? Um, so a wallet walks into a bar...the bartender says 'we don't serve your kind here' and the wallet says '_____________.'

That is all I have, you tell me.

Now if you will excuse me I have shadows to chew on and cob webs to cuddle.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

.accidents rappin'.

Don't worry I am not going to write in rhyme, this time................anyway.
So this little ditty is from the same break from work where I made myself do one simple drawing each day...I say 'same' because so far all of the quick drawings I have posted on here are from then. Hey, it is what's on this computer already... Anywho, the story behind it is that there was a slight mix up at the post office and the least popular kid at school received another student's invite. Yea, soooooooo what else is in the news...(if you know me ,you know I detest the news and feel little to no resposibility for knowledge of this 'adult' realm...don't judge me.)
So if I had a news paper it might read thusly: TOP STORY :Kittens-cute? Yes, Boyant? Not so much. Then there is sports "FOOTBALL SEASON RETURNS" Only in this case the players are actual zombiefied ex-sportstars from random sports and the football is, in all actuality, a severed foot. You recieve points based on in what area of the field the foot is consumed and penalties are given in a complex point scheme that only hardcore math-a-matishhhhunz can decifer. Oh and the shearleaders....yes shearleaders are just a group of proud barbers who dance the periodical jig. Person interest story you say?? Simple it is just a picture of an animal caught in a tree being rescued by a fireman only the fireman's or fireperson's face is a small mirror so when you look at it, you think 'Aw, look at my heroics. How interesting... What else do you need?? Cooking with dreams? Thats the inspirational-affirmational section where the delicious dish you concoct is you!!and the ingredients, you ask? Compliments and affirmations!!
I am a gal darn delicious friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, that last idea could actually be put in book form and somebody in need of an 'inside' smile would buy give it to friends on the holidays. Man, the weekend is almost here and I still got no phone. Ugh. Thats all I have right now for the typing. Until next time, cougar or cheetah? you decide-*

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

.Wow honey, look at that bear's angry nipples.

Well you have to admit, they do look a tad angry. So I was reading in one of those 'news' papers and the article went as follows ' 72 yr old man rescued from woods where he was on a 3 mile hike and had unexpected health complications.' My mind was suddenly bloated with questions, statements, baby utterances, and maybe a stew recipe...That last one I am unsure why it was there so lets just move on.... First of all, instead of saying 'unexpected' I would suggest 'perfectly reasonable'. I mean the dude is seventy freakin' 2 and on a three mile hike...alone I might add. Thats like the behavior animals show when they don't want you to see them die. Seriously, I know it sounds harsh but we all need some quadrants of realism. I mean a husky dude isn't going to put on denim and jog to the store..cuz he knows it will chafe his thighs....just like a 72 yr old man shouldn't hike alone cuz some part of him will experience failure. What? Bad example? Fair enough, I am not trying to be mean I just think that the 'news' paper is silly hogwash and people interest stories are poppycock and phooey. (That last sentence was edited by the same 72 yr old man, he is doing fine and I am employing him...what a happy ending.) My other thought is 'what a curse of psychic power, if you COULD predict your own health complications!!' Like 'hey melvin wanna go see that new spike lee movie on saturday?' 'Naw man, I have trichinosis at three thirty and I need to rest up for testicle cancer on Thursday.' (That last sentence was also edited by the 72 yr old man who apparently love the letter 't'.)
The end of today, all is well. boobity boobity boo.

p.s. If you want that stew recipe, let me know.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

.Doing Business.

.call it a wash.

So, today was a good day at work. That is all..................ok wait, there is more: I rushed inside after work, I had THINGS to do. 1) laundry-this unexpected heat calls for the wearing of man shants (mens short pants.....ok, coolahts). 2)get recertified as a mandatory reporter of child abuse. 3) snack so that I can eats of thee vitamins (all the kids at work are sniffly or absent) 4) Take a shower (I do work with children with sensory issues.....ok and I should bathe anyway)......So I dashed inside, off with the shoes and slipped into some shorts SOOOO hideous that I have only worn them to the river, I then snatched up my clothes from around and dumped them into the washing machine. Now, here is where I made my fatal mistake....see, I forgot that I usually take an afternoon nap and as part of said ritual, I empty my pockets. Oops, I washed my wallet....again. But I also took this mistake a step further as I also washed MY PHONE!!!!!! Yea, and i mean washed it. All cycles finished including spin. Could have been worse you say???Yes, my friends drop theirs in least I didn't mind digging mine out after it went in. So right now it is splayed across the dining table in a last wish that it's superior outer shell has...oh, who am I kidding I am on the market for a was a sad phone anyway. Lastly, a child asked a teacher in another classroom "What do leaves become when they grow up?' I wondered what I would have told this student had it been me...... Here is a list of options I came up with:

. mommy and daddy trees.

.christmas presents.

.lawyers- followed by a misguided explanation of what animal a lawyer is.

.fairys-that grant wishes to bears who hunger for children...what? at least the kid would rake the yard.

.episodes of thinly veiled television in the form of reality television. What? where else would it come from.

.boogers. Yep trees have boogers and THATS what leaves are SOOOO next time you see some, don't kick'em. Just 'leaf'em alone!!!! Ah hahaha. Well, the kid would have laughed.

Monday, September 15, 2008

.sounds ov surroundings.

Wow, exciting....a foray into the blogging community online. Which is as far as I can tell, people talking outwardly through their fingers to nobody imparticular. Which isn't meant to be offensive, it just makes me think of a fisher...person, we will say person so as to remain unbias, and this fisher person is sitting at the edge of land....which is quite rocky and uncomprimising towards the shape of their posterior. Why? I don't know it hightens the drama, now quit interupting please, so the fisher person is sitting there and they are holding their fishing pole but there is no hook on the line (I don't want a MA rating on this blog here) but the line is in the water and the fisher person is becoming intraspective or even nostalgic and the fisher person begins to pontificate or even wax romatickaly on things....What kind of things? Look, I don't even know this particular fisher person so I can't say..but if you must have something to enrich the fabric of this scenario
puffins, yea, and moderately priced canned goods, and a math teacher that they had in elementary school who smelled of a smell who's only equal they encountered in a cheese store in France. Anywho, As the said fisher person does this verbal purging, the sound reverberates through their fingers into the pole and down into the sea where a bounty of sea creatures have gathered to hear the tale. So the fisher person thinks that the jumping fish indicate bugs about the surface but really the fish are trying to get a glimpse of the author... now if you'd stop jumping for a is time for me to go, I have cast my last line......yes, without spellcheck. HAHAHAHA