Wednesday, November 26, 2008

.text based art.

.So i decided to have gabber wednesday as well...after being woken up numerous times by people for no reason i made some coffee and dropped a hell storm of insane noise and beats upon their unsuspecting brows. After interupting my every morning, they got off light believe me. Tommorrow I am answering the door in my birthday suit and a surgeon's mask. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anywho, recently I began taking music into work, just to play in the background, instrumental.....well, it became a kinda focus for abit for me like 'what other then afx could i play?' Yeah thats right, Aphex twin in school. Here is the most popular with a population on the autism spectrum:
1. Aphex Twin (selection hand picked by moi)
2. Mrs. Jynx- The standoffish cat
3.E*vax(i think there is just one album)
4.Kettle-(the new one)

Yea taking djing from the clubs to the classroom.
Other then that I have been drawing but I am choosing not to post any of those doodles until sarah pix what she wants to do her holiday art bazaar with. I guess that is all I have right now.

Lastly here is a joke that is clean but kinda icky: Do you know what astronauts eat?

Launch meat.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

.nineteen days late.

So, we are have been back since the 14th yes....I have been busy returning to work and relaxing from such a long vakay. My favorite thing about the trip? Seeing so many friends who were stoked (really, I just said stoked?) to hang out. Much respect east coast peeps!!! The image today is a scan of a journal entry from NY. I bought a book there that was half lined and half not lined...and i just realized that fact is pointless to tell you...anyway. I scanned a bunch of stuff today so expect new images here and photos on the ole myspacecrap.-------------------------------
Today is GABBER TUESDAY!!!! Which means I only listen to GABBER (hardcore techno) and draw. With the exception of a break to play 'Dead Space' which is friggin' awesome in its creepiness and goretastic fun!!! The gabber thing came about because dave was playing a terrible game called 'In the pit' and everytime he said it, it would trigger a song in my head from a compilation 'industrial strenghth 2'. So i went looking for it and discovered I have an intense amount of gabber cds......And three hours into it today 'wooo hooo!!! I feel that the amount of coffee i am ingesting and the bombastic high paced electronic assault may be leading me into a murderous convulsion but thats ok right?----------------------------------------------------
Lastly I am thinking of getting some dj mixers thingies and djing in my living room ala early nineties style........screw the club scene lets bring it home.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

.present dental raise.

Sorry no drawings or doodles we are in NEW YORK!!! I am trying to do a sketch a day for the return post. Day 3 here and we have already seen soo many awesometastic people!!! Ted Awesome Chang, SupaCool Billy (thanks for getting me thru that political debacle) , the radtastic Tara-to name a few. Gotts to go eats some steaks now. More to come.