Sunday, December 27, 2009

.scanner sez BOO.

'shh' whispers the walls. Newish laptop plus new scanner/printer=.we all hope for animal color. returns to life. (this is a warning)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

.long time No sea.

Said the parched british man I once saw in a pet store...he was part fishman also. I should have mentioned that....first ....anyway, it has been some time. No I have no drawings to post. Scanner is still not working...well it does work but the laptop does not. Nothing too huge to that is sooooo boring to say, agin and again. Yea, thats right, agin. Hey that is pretty close to 'a gin' which is half ov my favorite drink order. I love labling posts 'fall', thats a secret, tell no one. I swear new pics soon if i have to take them with a camera.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

.dave's gunna punch a baby.

Long I right? I don't know why I am asking you...cuz I am right. Still downing vitamins each day cuz all the kids gots some sickness creeping about. The other night we watched the new film 'Mister Lonely' while nowhere near Gummo in its awesomeness, it still had some nice shots and Abe Lincoln was FANTASMIC! You know we never got those hoverboards that doc said we'd get....damnit. THATS RIGHT, DAMN IT. hey, one more thing before I go: would you eat a potato with chocolate on it? or how about pasta? think about it now, don't be a rushin' to welllllll?

Monday, January 19, 2009

.stop when you arebeneath the ground.

Not much to speak of today, got a shot at the clinic. Love Sarah's new car. Made a bunch of cds for her new ride. I really enjoy the process of making mix cds....I enjoyed tapes more but now both are pretty obsolite. what with ipods and what not. thats all.
(I was in the basement and near the rubbish bin i saw a small boy with an even smaller mouth and I bent over to him. He was attemting to discus palaces he'd seen to the leaky faucet. Breifly he stopped his story and tiny whispered this to me:

.if i were to crumble
my body so as to
create a crease
where I have folded too often
might there be a hole
that I might see inside

with in me
I might spy my
precious paper horse
and we might ride
through fields of
questionable discourse
sprinting-splitting winds
like hairs and our
errors unannounced
all shackles unadressed
me and my precious

Sunday, January 18, 2009

.returning return.

Something something something......there. OKay, I haven't been the best lil' blogger. I have fallen off the wagon a few times (the blog wagon that is)....Anyway, lets keep this little exchange short so as to not over do it and wear out our welcome.

+There are some smells that you don't want to encounter on a bus, for instance, delicious pizza. Because one second you are thinking, 'man, that pizza smells great1 Who's got the pizza? Sure wish I had the pizza' and then you realize there isn't any are just diggin' on the smell of the sweaty crazy person next to you. So very sad........

_pictures to come, or so dave says. He is helping us figure something out....

more to come.